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About Us

Are you a woman feeling a bit lost today with your role in this society? Then help us help you by contacting us today. These website aims to create an online platform where women can come as one and support each other in their fight for fairness and equality. Although women have more rights now compared to what they have in the past years, there is still a prevalent belief in the society that they are weaker beings with respect to men. One aspect in the society where such inequality is still evident is when looking for a job. There are job opportunities that are still
not open to women even if they have already proven to have the same capabilities as men. They are not being given an equal chance to get the same benefits they deserve. They are given less importance compared to men who have the same job. As a consequence, they feel discouraged and it affects their outlook on life.

With our website, we aim to change this. We aim to build a support system so that our women won’t feel inferior towards others. We want to facilitate a support group that they could lean on in times of trouble or whenever they are feeling lost in their role in the society. We know that it is not much not even something physical where women who suffer can literally be given a hug. But sometimes, all they need is someone who can listen.

We want to be that someone who can make a change. Established in 2001, we are proud to say that our movement has been effective so far. We have already helped and reached to many women around the world and turn them around from the constant let down they are feeling in our society today. With your help, we are trying to do more. For more question about our page, you can check out our contact us page to know how you can reach us.