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Empowering Women for a Better Future

We have heard this cliché over and over already. This fact is indisputable since the path our children would choose is the key for us to have a better future. We are not just talking about this from a family perspective. We are talking about these children being the hope of our community. But although we keep this fact in mind, what we fail to consider is that the path paved by our youth is highly influenced by the society they live in and the family they grow up with. Most of the time, the role of the family especially the mothers is overlooked. Women play a major role in the society we live in. They are partners in establishing a good life within a family. Even if the women in our community stayed at home as housewives, they still contr ibute a lot especially in the upbringing of the kids.
They are what builds the foundation in making the young ones stronger as they move forward in their life. They are who become the first teachers in the household. Although the father mostly is the one w ho sustains the family financially, it is the strength of the mother who keeps the family together. Too bad that sometimes, the importance of the role of the women is being watered down. Especially if by incident, they stay at home as housewives.
This web site aims to empower women who are experiencing inferiority complex on their role in this society. We aim to ensure that these women won’t suffer from insecurities with regards to where they stand in this community. In that way, they can have the confidenc e to make their own light shine brighter in this world.
The society has come a long way when it comes to establishing and strengthening women’s rights. But unfortunately, this did not manage to create a change in the minds of people who look them down. There are still instances when their roles are being stereotypes as the one who stays at home and takes care of the children. They are still viewed as someone whose role is supposed to be just to run errands around the house; to meet the needs of their husbands; and to take care of looking for the needed services such as if there is a need for garage door replacement in Tempe AZ. While these are somehow among the responsible they meet each day, this should not be seen as something less than what others do at work or elsewhere.
What these women do are as important and should not be taken as signs of weakness. In this website, you’d hear stories shared by women around the world on how they surpassed being continuously put down by the prevalent beliefs of the society we have. We do this to bring inspiration to those women who think low of themselves because of these beliefs. Do you have your own story? Feel free to tell us today.