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We know that you have a lot of questions when it comes to our advocacy. You are not the only one. In fact, over time, we have already received a lot of inquiries from those who want to help and those who need one. We have collated the most common question here to help you understand our website better. We regularly update this for your reference so please stay tuned!

Do I need an account in order to access the articles in this site?

Accounts are not needed unless you want to post a story or you want to engage with others on the forum site. You can access all articles here without an account. All of these are open to the public to keep them informed and updated round the clock.


Are you affiliated with any organizations?

We are a single entity. We are not affiliated with any non=government or government organizations. We do not work from them or ask profit from them. We are an entity with the primary goal of helping others in this

Do you have physical meetings aside from those that happen in the forum site?
Just recently, we have conducted our first physical meeting. This is due to the insistent demand of guests who frequent here. They think that they can establish better rapport upon meetups so we facilitated one. It was a  success and it made the women who always visit this website feel more at ease with each other. They began to believe that the support system they have is real and that it has the capacity to change their outlook on life for the better. That is just a trial basis of what is to come. We are thinking of making this a regular occurrence once every quarter. There is nothing concrete yet at this point but we’ll announce updates about this soon.